Termobrasa, a national manufacturer with 50 years of experience, is one of the leading companies in the industry, excelling for the quality in the manufacture of electric water heaters and heat pumps.


To design and manufacture electric water heaters and heat pumps for domestic hot water (DHW) with appropriate technology and superior quality, seeking satisfaction and meeting the needs of customers, based on sustainability, respect for the environment and contributing to the increase in energy efficiency of buildings.


To be a benchmark company in the national and international market for the quality of the products it manufactures and for its behaviour towards customers, collaborators and suppliers.

  • Customer focus;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and determination;
  • Commitment, transparency and loyalty;
  • Sustainability and respect for the environment.


Termobrasa was created in 1970 to manufacture gutters and metallic kitchen furniture. However, the expansion in the construction sector and the boom it triggered in the search for solutions for domestic hot water (DHW) led the company to direct its production towards electric water heaters. Initially manufactured in copper plate, they were immediately awarded as the Right Choice by a prestigious consumer magazine.

Later, in the 80’s, due to an unprecedented rise in the price of copper, a know-how was negotiated with a Spanish company that allowed Termobrasa to be the first Portuguese company to manufacture carbon steel plate accumulators, thus presenting a significantly lower price than the competition, which allowed to strengthen its competitiveness in the national market.

However, since the year 2000, constant demands from consumers led Termobrasa to make a large investment in machinery and equipment, as well as in the training of its employees, creating conditions for electric water heaters also to be manufactured in stainless steel, thus offering the market a new alternative.

At the same time, Termobrasa continued to develop new skills in the field of alternative energies, starting to manufacture heat pumps which have played a decisive role in the progressive establishing of the company in an international context.

Always taking into account as a pillar of growth the satisfaction of its customers and the trust they place in the articles purchased, it was a priority for the company to complete the process of CE certification of all its products, thus taking an important step towards an internationalization strategy.

Currently, Termobrasa owns manufacturing facilities in Avintes, in an area of approximately 3000 m².